Driving in the city involves many stops and starts, as well as high-intensity driving dynamics.

To make things easier for first-time drivers, an automatic transmission vehicle may be preferable.

One of the reasons is that it’s convenient and practical. Does everyone know the ideal way to drive a self-driving vehicle for its longevity and efficiency?

Just check out these tips you’ll feel at home behind the wheel in no time.

  1. Never put your vehicle in Neutral (N) at traffic lights Shifting to neutral at a traffic signal to conserve fuel is a complete waste of time. In any event, stop lights only last a few minutes, so any fuel savings would be insignificant.

2. Maintain brakes, belts, and battery in good condition

Maintain brakes – modern car braking systems are intended to be updated on a regular basis in order to retain optimal braking efficiency.

Car battery – Check (or have your mechanic check) your battery connections and terminals on a regular basis. They can wobble loose over time and possibly begin to corrode. This is readily prevented, but stalling out during your journey might cause harm to your car’s electrical system.

Car belts – Do a very important job: distribute the power from your engine to all of your car’s parts. You could be stuck if they’re too worn out and break. Making sure that your belts are in good shape can help you avoid having an engine break down and prematurely wearing down other parts.

3. Don’t switch your gear to ‘Park’ before you completely stop your vehicles

You risk breaking the ‘Park’ mode’s locking pin which attaches itself to the shaft of the gearbox (where the wheels are connected)

4. Avoid shifting gears when your car is moving

5. Don’t drive on a spare tire for an extended period

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Date Posted

February 28, 2022

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