Govicle previously known as JomParkir is a leading technology company that bespoke propelling innovation and competitive edge. The company’s growth prospect is to be the leading and largest Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) tech company in Southeast Asia.

With the aim to build the first vehicle data exchange in Southeast Asia, Govicle is strongly poised to capitalize on market opportunities as they champion V2X solutions, IoT (Internet of Things) and SI (System Integration).

With humble beginnings since 2015, Govicle has rapidly gained over 500,000 registered users and 5 million transactions annually. Govicle started by leading the digitalization of the parking industry in Malaysia and diligently expanded to ASEAN countries by providing innovative parking solutions with enhanced systems and technology.

The company has now expanded its business and will be introducing Malaysia’s very first V2X oriented supper app focused on providing various services under one umbrella among others. Govicle will pioneer as an OS that unbundles the tyranny of apps as it serves as a portal to the Internet for the mobile-first generation.