About Us

Govicle Sdn. Bhd. (Govicle™) previously known as JomParkir  Sdn. Bhd. is a leading technology company that bespoke propelling innovation and competitive edge. The company’s growth prospect is to be the leading and largest Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Tech Company in Southeast Asia.

With the aim to build the first vehicle data exchange in Southeast Asia, Govicle™ is strongly poised to capitalize on market opportunities as they champion V2X solutions, IoT (Internet of Things) and SI (System Integration).

With humble beginnings since 2015, Govicle™ has rapidly gained over 500,000 registered users and 5 million transactions annually. Govicle™ started by leading the digitalization of the parking industry in Malaysia and diligently expanded to ASEAN countries by providing innovative parking solutions with enhanced systems and technology.

The company has now expanded its business and will be introducing Malaysia’s very first V2X oriented supper app focused on providing various services under one umbrella among others. Govicle™ will pioneer as an OS that unbundles the tyranny of apps as it serves as a portal to the Internet for the mobile-first generation.


To be the leading Vehicle-to-Everything(V2X) technology company in southeast Asia


To be a top Vehicle-to-Everything(V2X) industry player & application developer

With the aim to build the first vehicle data exchange in Southeast Asia

The Management Leader

“Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things.


Muhamad Nasir Habizar

CEOs are responsible for managing a company’s overall operations. This may include delegating and directing agendas, driving profitability, managing company organizational structure, strategy, and communicating with the board.

Muhamad Nasir Habizar is the CEO of Govicle Sdn. Bhd., a telecommunications and mobile content company. Founded in Cyberjaya, Govicle is a homegrown technology startup firm made up of more than 30 Malaysian talents. Govicle is a cutting-edge technology leader with a focus on uniqueness and differentiation. To construct the first automotive data exchange in Southeast Asia, the business plans to speed the development of smart mobility solutions.

Nasir began his career in telecommunications in the mid-1990’s as a programmer at Celcom before moving up to the System Analyst position. Previously, Nasir served as the CEO of AppCable, a firm that provides mobile content and services to the wireless device industry.

Nasir graduated from the University of Putra Malaysia with a diploma in computer science and is a qualified marketing practitioner. He has been immersing himself in the sector since, creating a variety of mobile-based content, including voice messaging and IVR.

Nasir has been an entrepreneur for 22 years, and he is now focusing on the V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) market. His ultimate goal is to become a major player in the V2X market and rapidly develop cutting-edge smart mobility solutions. There has been a steady rise in the popularity of Govicle’s mobile parking app. This start-up, which specializes in smart parking solutions, has developed a smartphone app that makes parking easier for Malaysians.

Rozaida Ali

Head of BD is responsible for increasing company revenue by identifying and developing new business opportunities as well as expanding brand presence. They lead cross-functional teams, manage existing partnerships, and evaluate company business goals.

Nevertheless, Business Development team responsible in building solid relationships with customers, vendors and distributors, as well as sales and marketing teams. The team will work hard in developing in-depth knowledge of company offerings to identify profitable business opportunities.

Rozaida received her Diploma in Business Technology Management from Kolej Yayasan Melaka and has over 4 years of experience as an F&B and printing entrepreneur. Rozaida started working with Nasir in 2003 when she joined AppCable.

She has over six years of marketing and business development expertise, having worked as a Marketing Executive at AppCable, as Head of Marketing at AppCable, and as Head of Business Development at JomParkir.

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Rozaida is passionate about discovering places where the company’s presence and revenue may be expanded through recognizing viable business possibilities and building long-term business growth plans, as well as identifying and mapping business strengths and consumer demands.

Assisting in the search for new business possibilities and feasible sources of revenue and setting up meetings and conveying new product advancements to potential customers.

Management Team

Abdul Latiff Udin

General Manager

Abu Zar Khairol Anwar

Head of Finance

Siti Nordiana Binti Nordin

Head of HR and Admin

Wan Nursazaliana Wan Mat

Head of Customer Support

Mohamad Rasyidi Ab Rahim

Project Manager - Application Developer

Ahmad Safiq Fikri Bin Ishak

Head of Engineering

Nurul Hafidah Mohd Tamyiz​


Muhammad Harussani Bin Abdul Manap

Head of Creative

Our Core Value

Abdul latif udin

Abdul Latiff Udin

Currently, Latiff is holding a General Manager Cum Head of Application Developer position in Govicle Sdn Bhd. He is tasked with overseeing daily business activities, improving overall business functions, training heads of departments, managing budgets, developing strategic plans, creating policies, and communicating business goals.

Latiff is a high accomplished project manager, business analyst and systems consultant specialising in IT. With over 28 years of experience in IT as well as IT automotive manufacturing industry, Latiff is a certified IBM professional server specialist that is equipped with a Master’s of Science in Information Technology from UiTM Shah Alam and a Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

In addition, Latiff’s wealth of experience includes working with conglomerates such as renowned automative manufacturer Ingress Corporation Berhad, highly acclaimed technology company Heitech Padu Berhad, and numerous GLC’s and agencies in the domestic and international front.


Abu Zar Khairol Anwar

Abu Zar holdings a position of Head of Finance in Govicle Sdn Bhd. His responsibilities include creating forecasting models, assessing risk in investments and ensuring all accounting activities comply with regulations. He also responsible but not limited to, preparing financial statements and business activity reports; assessing financial details to ensure regulations are met; assist management in making financial decisions, and supervising employees who work with budgets and financial reports.

Abu Zar is an enthusiastic financial expert with over 10 years of experience in the accountancy field working for private entities as well as government agencies including the Royal Malaysian Customs Department and SJ Securities, among others.

Abu Zar is a highly qualified chartered accountant having received his recognition from the Malaysian Institute of Accountants. In addition to Abu Zar’s broad spectrum of accountancy practices he also develops strategies that work to minimise financial risk and maximise profit.

Siti Nordiana Binti Nordin​

Currently, Diana is holding a Head of Human Resources and Admin position in Govicle Sdn Bhd. She plans all HR functions and runs the whole HR department in the organization. Her main objective is to ensure all the organization’s administrative tasks are performed correctly and on time. Her role encompasses all aspects of HR, including recruitment, payroll, compensation and benefits, and training. It includes administrative areas such as office management, facilities management, and policy development.

Diana is a highly experience human resource personnel with over 18 years of experience with several professional recognition including a Diploma in Public Administration from Universiti Teknologi Mara, an Advanced Diploma in Environment & Green technology from the British Council Academy as well as a Professional Certificate in Mastering Human Resources Competency from Open University Malaysia and Professional Certificate in Human Resources Management from Genovasi University.

Diana’s leadership and integrity have successfully assisted major Japanese-based conglomerates such as Suzuki Latex Industry Malaysia and Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia in strategic approaches of effective people management to maximize employee performance and ultimately help businesses gain a competitive advantage.

Diana qualifies AELB as a Radiation Protection Officer (RPO), and her largest accomplishments in her career have been as an Internal Auditor for ISO 9001 and 14001 by SIRIM, and as a Lead Auditor for MS1722 and OHSAS 18001 by NIOSH.

Wan Nursazaliana Wan Mat

As Head of Support Dept., she is responsible to create positive brand experiences for existing customers in order to support company expansion goals and reduce the possibility for churn and contraction. She helps troubleshoot problems, provide guidance on best practices, and act as the customer voice internally, passing along feedback to Application Developers, Engineering, Business Development and Marcomm team.

Wan Nursazaliana is a customer-centric support representative with a Bachelor’s Degree in Park and Recreation Science from University Putra Malaysia. She is great at listening skills and ability to understand exactly what users require. Saza’s confidence, patience, politeness, tact and diplomacy, when dealing with difficult situations showing her great problem-solving skills.

Having led the customer support team for over 4 years, Saza has extensive experience in strategic and operational leadership for the development, continuous improvement, and delivery of customer service and strategic development of operational requirements, process and technology as she delivers key service outcomes for customers in B2B and B2C environment.

Mohamad Rasyidi Ab Rahim

Currently, Rasyidi is holding a Project Manager (Application Developer) position in Govicle Sdn Bhd. He plans, coordinates and supervises all activities related to the detailed design, development, and implementation of software or application. He guides the development team on issues related to the detailed design, development, and deployment of software or application.

Rasyidi is a software developer with over 8 years of experience championing software and IT support infrastructure. Equipped with a Diploma in Computer Science majoring in Information Technology as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science majoring in Network and Security from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

 Rasyidi has developed multiple scalable and high-quality software and applications for clients worldwide such as Saudi Arabia’s Parkyy, CIMB bank’s mobile app, CIMB Clicks and The Malaysian National News Agency (BERNAMA) mobile app, among others. Rasyidi is also well versed in the creation and delivery of strategic software and IT architectural vision as well as all aspects of software development.

Ahmad Safiq Fikri Bin Ishak

As a Head of Engineering in Govicle Sdn Bhd, he takes charge of an entire engineering department, leading a team as they complete various projects. Chief engineers work alongside other engineers and technicians, approving designs, calculating costs, negotiating contracts, and executing plans safely and efficiently.

Safiq’s employment has exposed him to concepts such as code quality and progressive learning, both of which pique his attention. Safiq devoted a significant amount of time to learning about video analytics and computer programming after becoming increasingly interested in technology as IR4 proceeded. A fast-paced team environment was precisely what Safiq was looking for the following graduation, and that’s exactly what he received. Safiq received an undergraduate degree in Mechatronics in Automotives from the University of Kuala Lumpur (formerly known as the Malaysian Spanish Institute). 

Collaborate with Six Days Company LLC in Saudi Arabia, Safiq worked as an engineering consultant designing Internet of Things parking project ideas after finishing his studies at UniKL. At Kuantum Jauhar Sdn.Bhd. before that, Safiq was a Research and Development Intern. With the help of the Image Acquisition Toolbox in Matlab, Safiq designed a 3D-printed prototype case for an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). 

Engineering Technologist (12/2020 – Present)


Nurul Hafidah Mohd Tamyiz​

Nurul holdings a position of Head of Marketing & Communication (Marcomm). Her responsibilities include developing plans to help establish our brand, allocating resources to different projects and setting short-term and long-term department goals. She also provides clear leadership in the marketing of media assets through promotions, events, campaigns, partnerships, branding and franchising to monetise media assets, while constantly adopting new and innovative marketing methods.

Nurul is a marketing communication representative with a BBA (Hons) International Business from UiTM.  Nurul’s expertise is in advertising, digital marketing, direct marketing, public relations and sales promotion is a key messages and media that marketers use to communicate with target markets. 

Experienced in Corporate Communication & Marketing & Communications with over 10 years of experience creating and executing marketing, campaign, advertising, and public relations campaigns.  Responsible for developing 360° campaigns, planning and coordinating marketing efforts. Excellent reputation for driving efforts to ensure they meet company’s goals, staying within budget and completed on time.

Muhammad Harussani Bin Abdul Manap

Head of Creative

Harussani is a highly skilled graphic designer with extensive credentials in the field more in a decade in Creative Field.. When it comes to designing and implementing digital marketing initiatives, he has a wealth of expertise. All aspects of publishing, from editing and design to photography and advertising. Fast-paced workplaces are no problem for Harussani, who is capable of delivering high-quality solutions.

 Harussani earned a diploma in Multimedia from Noble International College and Technology. Harussani enhanced his visual communication, photography, videography, HTML & CSS, and product branding abilities. He worked for two years at Galaxy Features Network Sdn. Bhd., heading a small production crew to produce a documentary film and a short PSA for FINAS, RTM, and Filem Negara Malaysia. Harussani was in charge of the creation of 100 Malaysia Documentary and Tanjong Pagar 1932–2011 for the Malaysia National Film Archive (Special Documentary). Throughout his career, he’s gained a great deal of industry knowledge and has directed several large-scale digital and integrated projects.

1001 Malaysia Documentary for RTM – Galaxy Features Network

2nd place : Pertandingan Penulisan Skrip (TV) Pesanan Khidmat Masyarakat (PSA) Pendermaan Organ 2011 – (KKM-RTM-FINAS)